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Kevin Eng

When I started my studies at PACE, I didn’t know what I wanted to study all i knew is that I loved to write, and l like to sing. Then I decided to think which one of these two can get me at the least decent job and I decided to declare a major of Communication Studies with a concentration in Mass Media, and during that time of choosing I was also deciding on a minor, and one of them was music.

Still I really wasn’t fully deciding on declaring a minor in music. But that was until a faithful audition for a hit TV show, a recent cruise trip and my mass media class.

The thing I love about music is how a song can connect to what is happening in your life, and how music is a celebration. I was introduced to music around 10/11 years old, thanks to a little show called American Idol, and I started singing when I was 14 years old and have been singing ever since.

But it was really until this past year (2010) that I decided to learn more about music, and get my feet wet in the music arena, and that started with auditing for American Idol, I didn’t make past the producers round (but it seemed like the producer liked me and thought that I was dull), but it gave me some confidence that I should continue with music. Then at the beginning of this year I went on a cruise and did a lot a karaoke, and that wind up being a good thing because they chose me to be the Elvis on the final show of the cruise it was a fun experience.

But I have to say my COM 114 class was the final nail in my decision to declare a minor later in the semester, and that was because Prof. Morris did a lecture on the history of music and that I read the chapter on music and found it both fascinating and interesting.

So these are the three reason why I’ll be declaring a minor in music because I love music and want to learn more about the music business, and I think if you are declaring a minor there should be different things you should think about including does it fit your major and/or is it something that you love and enjoy. That is why i’m declaring a minor in Music this coming semester.